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"Collecting debts is all about setting achievable goals and attaining quality outcomes with measurable results."


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Here are the key elements of our nationwide debt collection consultancy platform:

  1. View, manage and monitor claims online 24x7.
  2. Our expertise is in the area of debt collection and credit risk management consultancy.
  3. We will provide a free no obligation consultation to assist and support your need to collect debts in New York, nationwide and internationally.
  4. We work in collaboration with trusted and experienced debt collection law firms.
  5. Our fee and compensation is determined by a case by case basis.
  6. Contact us to discuss your case.

Summary of New York Collection Laws

*These are not comprehensive statutes and therefore Allied National and disclaims any liability resulting from reliance by any party upon the legality and accuracy of the contents thereof.
  • INTEREST RATE Legal: 16% - Judgment 9%
  • STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS (IN YEARS) Open Acct: 6 - Sale of Goods 4 - Written Contract 6 - Domestic Judgment 20 (10 yr. renewable lien) - Foreign Judgment 20 (10 yr. renewable lien)
  • BAD CHECK LAWS (CIVIL PENALTY) Face value of check plus two times check amount up to a maximum of $400 on NSF or $750 on "no account" (Demand prescribed by law). GEN.OB.1.1-104.
  • GENERAL GARNISHMENT EXEMPTIONS 90% of earnings, except 1st $154.50 wk. wholly exempt (only if the person earns minimum wage).